Non-Recourse Stock Loans Acquisition Made Easy


Non-recourse loans are some of the most sought-after loans on the market. Beyond the collateral discussed and agreed upon, the borrower is not liable to sell off any property or commodity to make up for the loan costs. Your personal financial statements aren’t disturbed or disclosed with non-recourse stock loans either.

With over 35 years of experience in the financial sector, K. Horton Financials provide quick and safe non-recourse stock loan options for all kinds of financing purposes.

High Net Worth Stock Loans

Finding non-recourse loans on the market can be difficult for smaller purchases. At K. Horton, we provide non-recourse stock loan options starting from $1 million up to $500 million, including personal loans for jet or yacht financing options.

No need to provide a credit check, personal or business financials, deal with unusually high interest rates or offer any collateral other than stocks. Working with K. Horton for your large-scale purchases is easy.

Quality Service

One of the key benefits of working with K. Horton is the quality service we provide. Any term and condition you’re not clear about, we’ll explain. We’re upfront on the details so you’re safe and satisfied knowing that you’re in control of your stock loans.

We’re willing to form long term partnerships to help our clients out. It’s in our best interest to help you make good financial decisions whenever you reach out to us.

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