Diversify Your Savings with Stock Loan Options


Protect your money by investing in securities through high-net-worth stock loans from K. Horton Financials.

With over 35 years of experience in the financial sector, we can guarantee a successful transaction for your stock loans. We provide quick and safe non-recourse stock loan options on most publicly traded stock markets.


High Net Worth Stock Loans

Apply for non-recourse stock loan options starting from a value of $1 million and going all the way up to $500 million. We offer personal loans for financing, including yachts and jets.

These loans are available to help you access liquid funding to continue your investments in the stock market. These premier stock loans are available without requiring you to:

  • Provide a credit check
  • Provide personal financials
  • Provide business financials
  • Pay high interest rates
  • Share the profits earned on your loans
  • Provide any collateral other than the stocks
  • Stick to your stocks

Excellent Customer Service

When working with K. Horton Financials, you can expect top of the line customer service.

We pride ourselves on being honest and a trustworthy option for our clients. We also believe in providing excellent customer service. Over the years, we have become known for:

  • Fair and affordable rates on your loans

  • Reasonable terms through a private lender

  • Quickly available stock loans

  • Timely follow-ups on your investments

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