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Few industries are worth investing in as much as the construction industry. Despite the pandemic hitting, construction projects never fully stopped or closed down, even if they were delayed. With the high potential to earn by investing in the stocks of various construction organizations and firms, you should be up to date on the latest trends within the industry.

While COVID-19 did lead to losses for all sectors, the recovery trends will give us a good idea of whether an industry will fully bounce back. Construction businesses had billions in losses in 2020, so let’s take a look at how they are preparing for that in 2021.

Smaller and Cleaner Sites

Safety has always been a big part of construction sites, but never in the same way as now. Previously, operators would just follow machine handling protocols when working on-site, but now they also must take care of social distancing and regular sanitation on-site. This has lead to construction companies using smaller teams that before and using staggered schedules rather than overlapping schedules and shifts for the employees.

While it isn’t expected for this trend to last forever, investors should know that leaner crews and moving shifts have been the norm over the past year and a half and will most likely impact post-pandemic planning for construction sites.

workers on a  construction site

Introduction of IoT Technology

While it can be difficult for many people to picture the Internet of Things (IoT) being implemented in construction sites, it’s only a matter of time before all sites are completely integrated. Involving the Internet of things to construction sites has so far helped reduce accidents, lower construction costs, manage employees better, and even reduce the waste produced on-site.

Some of the major benefits that the Internet of Things offers to construction sites include:

  1. Daily task management and assignments
  2. People management and quick instruction relays
  3. Site monitoring
  4. Remotely control machinery and equipment
  5. Track the progress of a construction project.

With the standardization of these practices on the horizon, interested investors should take note for further investments.

Using Drones in Construction

While the Internet of Things may be giving site managers the option to communicate with workers and keep track of progress, drones will provide real-time updates with visual support. Their incorporation into construction sites means that aerial views of the project being built are available.

Using drones as a form of quality control helps construction teams review their handy work from angles that aren’t always possible to view without a drone. It helps discover mistakes, safety issues and helps create more accurate measurements. Overall, the drones help reduce errors, increase site safety, and provide more accurate estimates for the building.

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