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With more people looking to invest in stocks, you must do your thorough research. Not only are people using them as a means of capital, but stocks also act as a brilliant way of lending for capital with securities lending or stock loans. To get the most bang for your buck, you’d want to peep the market and look at your best options for maximum yield. These are some Australian shares you’d want to invest in before the year ends:

Airbnb (ABNB)

At a value of USD 140 per share and a market cap of US $84bn, the Enterprise value-to-sales ratio is at a good 15x for the company. The business model has been extremely successful, allowing people to let others stay in their homes for their vacations.

It’s a customer-centric business that’s improved its business model over time and will retain its relevance until the next big competitor, but it may be too big a task to trump the giant.

REA Group (REA)

REA has been a major player in the world of real estate and has something identical to a monopoly in the region. Having such a stronghold in the industry and continuing to increase profits every single year makes it a worthy investment. The real estate industry is something that’s here to stay with housing being a basic need, and with people wanting to live closer to work, REA’s seeing success all over.

Stock trading on PC

Currently, it has a share price of $142.58 with a market cap of around $18bn which shows how dominant the group is at the moment. As more locals push for purchasing and mortgages over renting out properties, you’ll likely see better numbers from REA.

Australian Finance Group (AFG)

Another major player in the property market, the AFG is the biggest mortgage broking business in Australia. In recent years, they’ve gained a great deal of popularity with their dump of capital into technology. It’s an indication that AFG is looking to increase its value alongside some of their in-house mortgage books, which has an increasing yield curve for them overall. Compared to other options on the market, AFG seems like a fine option to invest in.

With prices such as $2.65 per share along with a market cap of $700m, you realize that they’re a good alternative to many of the contemporaries with signs of going up over the months.

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